An ancient legend says that there was once a lightning that stroke into an Agave plant, through which the end parts of the leaf caught fire and the inner part started boiling instantly. Through the split “Piña“ – the heart of the plant – a sacred elixir emerged that empowered the old Mayan Natives to communicate with their gods. This godly dialogue was maintained for decades. The mindset of these fascinating people can still be found in the Mexican culture to the present day.

TRES CHICON - three spirits 

„Chicon“ means „spirit“ in Mayan language

3 elements to make Mezcal

Water - Fire - Agave

Our symbol is the chaman who works with these elements

Meet The Team

The idea for our own Mezcal was built in 2018 during a surf trip through Guerrero, one of Mexico's states on the pacific coast. We were fascinated of Mezcal and wanted to found our own brand that represents Mexican tradition and German imagination and adventurous spirit. In the wake of that mission we had the vision to create a Mezcal that attracts Mezcal enthusiasts just like Mezcal newcomers.


"I am Luke, originally from Cologne, Germany and a passionate surfer and traveller. I am all about storytelling and therefore want to share our journey with you. So Marketing and Business Development it is. My favorite drink is a Mezcal Negroni."


"Hi there, my name is Dom, originally from Holland and surfer and snowboarder by heart. I am responsible for on- offline sales and always happy about new contacts and innovative ideas that can help to give our favorite drink more prominence in Europe."


"Hola, I am Rodrigo, originally from Mexico City.I'm an actor and passionate traveller. I am responsible for the production of our Mezcal and its content on social media. I'm happy to show you guys the beauty of Oaxaca and our Mezcal."