The Visit that change everything

Aktualisiert: 6. Nov 2019

So I went to pick up my good friend from Germany to the Airport in Mexico City. He payed extra to bring his surfboard with him but for his surprise his luggage inclusive surfboard didn't arrive with his flight. So we decided to drive home and pray for his things to arrive the next day. I had planned some cracking event in the city for Luke. One of them was the launch party for a new shoe for a very well known international sneaker brand . In that party Luke like they said in Germany savour blood! We went to the bar and they were serving MEZCAL cocktails. Luke had a sip and immediately turn to be with his pupils going big as skyscrapers asking me what this was. I told them is Mezcal ! It was love at first sight to not sound sketchy , but it really was. After that we went home, hoping that his thing would have arrived from the airport. Of course they didn't ... SO we decide to take the car and ride for 8 hours to beautiful Saladita beach.

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