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You can actually feel the magic when you arrive in Oaxaca City - "and you better can" we're thinking in silence, as this place in the Mexican mountains is far off any rideable wave by a 200km perimeter. However, as we are heading 2.5 hours East until we arrive in the 300 soul village San Luis del Río after a dusty ride, we are being compensated with a breathtaking view, uncountable agave plants and great hospitality by our supplier Virgilio. Neither, Internet connection nor the English language can be found here, but a whole community making a living out of Mezcal. We are getting our own private tour through Virgilio's Mezcal assembly line...and we can't believe how manual and affectionate the process is. This is far away from scalability, social or natural exploitation and mass consumption - and this is when I knew that Rodrigo picked the perfect supplier for our project.

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