Our mission is to deliver a spirit of adventure that inspires to travel to new places while respecting nature, tradition and heritage.

Welcome to your journey, Salud!

Meet The Team


"I am Luke, originally from Cologne, Germany and a passionate surfer and traveller. I am all about storytelling and therefore want to share our journey with you. So Marketing and Business Development it is. My favorite drink is a Mezcal Negroni."


"Hi there, my name is Dom, originally from Holland and surfer and snowboarder by heart. I am responsible for on- offline sales and always happy about new contacts and innovative ideas that can help to give our favorite drink more prominence in Europe."


"Hola, I am Rodrigo, originally from Mexico City.I'm an actor and passionate traveller. I am responsible for the production of our Mezcal and its content on social media. I'm happy to show you guys the beauty of Oaxaca and our Mezcal."